Our goal is to provide a user all the tools he might need to make an informed choice and do it in the most intuitive and simple way.
Our environment is dynamic, reliable, fast-paced, challenging and rewarding. We are committed to meeting the high expectations, We know how to think imaginatively, see possibilities, take risks, learn with humility, and celebrate daily wins. we provide End – To – End user resolutions for better expandability of our features.
You obsess over user experience, you have relentlessly high standards for applications, you are continually looking for new ideas, you are self-critical and open-minded, you come forward with problems and challenge decisions where you disagree, come and join us.
Send your CV/Portfolio and Cover Letter to techsunware@gmail.com or helpdesk@techsunware.com and be a part of our team.
Open Positions, Civil Engineer, Building Planner/Contractor, ASP/ PHP Developer,UI/UX- Front- End Developer, Mobile App Developer, Blog/ Tech Writer, Graphics Designer, Social Media Marketer, Sales and Marketing Executive, Tele Marketing Executive, Teachers...